Setting Up a Simulator Tutorial

In this tutorial, we will set up a simulator in Arundo Edge that streams sample pump data to Arundo Fabric.

The tutorial is divided into the following sections:

  • Learning Objectives - things you will know how to do after completing the tutorial.
  • Setup - set up necessary before you get started.
  • Instructions - instructions on how to complete the tutorial.
  • Finishing Up - challenges and further reading for after the tutorial.

Learning Objectives

After completing this tutorial, you will know how to:

  • Create simulators that stream sample data to Arundo Fabric
  • Monitor streaming data from Arundo Edge


Before you start the tutorial, you must do the following:


Now let's get started...

1. Download Sample Data

The first step is to download the following sample data file.

Download icon Sample Pump Data

Save the file on your local device.


The simulator will stream data from this file.

2. Add a Sequence Interface

The second step is to add a Sequence interface in Arundo Edge.


The Sequence interface will stream the sample data from Arundo Edge to Arundo Fabric on repeat.

Do the following to complete this step:

  1. Double-click the Arundo Edge shortcut on the desktop.
  2. Log in as normal.
  3. Select Interfaces | + Add new.
  4. Select Sequence.
  5. In Name, enter "Streaming Simulator".
  6. Click Add interface.

3. Upload the Sample Data

The third step is to upload the sample data file to the Sequence interface you just added. To do this, click Upload CSV (highlighted below).

Upload CSV button

Then click the upload box and select the sample data file. The sample data now displays on the page as follows:

Sample data

4. View Streaming Data

The final step is to verify that the sample data is streaming to Arundo Fabric. To do this, select Viewer on the sidebar and open the Graph tab. Then select "Sent to Cloud" in Filter, select Auto refresh, and click Reload.

The streaming data now displays under Streaming Simulator:

Streaming data example

Finishing Up

Congratulations! You've now set up a simulator that streams data to Arundo Fabric. We hope you now understand how Arundo Edge can stream data to the cloud.

Want to expand your knowledge further? Try the following:


Connect your industrial control system to Arundo Edge by setting up an OPC UA or Modbus interface. This will give you the ability to stream sensor data from your industrial assets to the cloud.


Download the sample data file used in this tutorial.

Download icon Sample Pump Data