Requesting Licenses

Here's how to request license keys for Arundo Edge.


You need a license key to continue using Arundo Edge beyond the trial period.


  1. Open a License Key request.
  2. In Request Details, enter your name, company, contact details, and number of edge devices you need to license.
  3. In Production Environment, select your Arundo Fabric environment or select "N/A" if you don't use Arundo Fabric.
  4. Click Send.

    • An Arundo representative will contact you shortly to provide you with a license key.
  5. Once your receive your license key, access Arundo Edge.

  6. Click the License Status indicator on the sidebar.

    License Status indicator

  7. Enter your license key and click Validate.

    • If the validation is successful, no further action is required.
    • If the validation is unsuccessful, contact our Customer Support team for further assistance.

Need Help?

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