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V2.0 (655) January 21, 2020

Here are the release notes for Arundo Edge V2.0 (655).

New Features

Stream data to MQTT brokers

Arundo Edge now supports MQTT output for Cloud interfaces. This gives you the ability to stream data from Edge to MQTT brokers, such as Mosquitto and RabbitMQ.

Once you set up a connection between Edge and an MQTT broker, you can:

  • Bundle tag values in messages per tag ID.
  • Publish to individual topics per tag ID.


Read the Cloud article for instructions on how to set up a connection from Edge to an MQTT broker.

New model execution and deployment process

Arundo Edge now supports model deployment via the new Tasks API in Edge Manager. This powerful new functionality gives you the ability to:

  • Use the same model for multiple endpoint configurations.
  • Execute a model on a schedule.


Area Description
Compute Chain You can now select "None" as the Update Criteria for a compute blocks and models. This lets you run the compute block/model at the specified Interval, regardless of the inputs.
Logs Activity for input interfaces, such as OPC UA and Modbus, now displays bundled under the InputAgent filter. This makes it easier to filter out input activity when troubleshooting.


Area Description
Interfaces - Modbus Fixed error that occurred after a connection to the control system dropped.
Interfaces - OPC UA Fixed error that occurred after disabling and re-enabling an OPC UA interface.
Interfaces - OPC UA Fixed error that occurred after editing a tag.
Models Fixed issue with null intervals for model deployments.
Viewer Fixed issue where some tags didn't always display on the Viewer.

Last update: December 22, 2021