V2.0 (657) January 22, 2020

Here are the release notes for Arundo Edge V2.0 (657).

New Features

Cloud interfaces now support MQTT

You can now stream data from Arundo Edge to the cloud using MQTT. MQTT is a lightweight communication protocol that's ideal for streaming data from remote devices to the cloud.


Read the Cloud article for instructions on how to set up a Cloud interface that uses MQTT.


Area Description
Compute Chain You can now select "None" as the Update Criteria for a compute blocks and models. This lets you run the compute block/model at the specified Interval, regardless of the inputs.
Logs Activity for input interfaces, such as OPC UA and Modbus, now displays bundled under the InputAgent filter. This makes it easier to filter out input activity when troubleshooting.


Area Description
Interfaces - Add interface Fixed links to the Arundo Edge docs.
Installer Fixed links to the Arundo Edge docs.

Upgrade Instructions

Follow these instructions to upgrade to this version.