Models Manager

The Models Manager is a remote management tool in Arundo Fabric.


You need an Arundo Fabric subscription to use this feature.

The Models Manager gives you the ability to deploy machine learning models for use in Arundo Edge.

Models Manager


Refer to the Models article for instructions on how to publish models into Arundo Fabric.

Getting There

Access Arundo Fabric and select Models on the Navigation bar.

Deploying a Model to Arundo Edge

Complete the following to deploy a machine learning model to Arundo Edge. This gives you the ability to run tag data through the model and view visualizations of the model output in Arundo Edge.


Verify your device meets the system requirements​

Install the latest version of Docker Desktop/CE (Windows / macOS / Linux)

Start Docker and keep it running

Publish the model into Arundo Fabric

Set up a Cloud interface between Arundo Edge and Arundo Fabric


  1. Access Arundo Edge.
  2. Open the System menu and select Upload Configuration to Fabric.

    Upload Configuration

  3. Access Arundo Fabric.

  4. Select Models on the Navigation bar.
  5. Locate the model in the Models list.
  6. Click Deploy to Edge next to the model.
  7. In the Edge Agents list, select the edge device where you want to deploy the model.
  8. Under Endpoint Configuration, select the tags to use for the model's inputs and outputs.
  9. Click Deploy.


To view a visualization of the model's output in Arundo Edge, go the Viewer page and look under Model.