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Arundo Edge Client



The Arundo Edge Client is a desktop remote management application for Arundo Edge. The Edge Client gives you the ability to:

  • Connect to any edge device using TCP/IP.
  • Configure interfaces, monitor streaming data, and perform system adminstration remotely.

Accessing the Edge Client

Here's how to access the Edge Client.


Install the Edge Client


  1. Open the Arundo Edge Client app.
  2. Under Log in, enter the credentials for the master user (as defined during installation).
  3. In Server URL, enter the IP address of the edge device you want to connect to.

    Connect to device cutout

  4. Click Log in.

Using the Edge Client

The Edge Client has all of the same setup, configuration, and monitoring capabilities as the Arundo Edge app. Check out the Edge section of the docs for instructions on how to manage your edge devices.

Last update: March 26, 2020