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System Administration



Here's how to perform system administration tasks in Arundo Edge.

Exporting a Configuration File

You can download a file containing details about the current configuration of Arundo Edge.


This file is useful in disaster recovery scenarios, where reinstalling Arundo Edge is required. You can upload the file during installation of Arundo Edge to restore the previous configuration of the app, saving the need to configure the app again manually.


  1. Open the System menu and select Export Configuration.
  2. Select a storage location for the file.
  3. Click Save.


The configuration file is in JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) format and doesn't contain any data or logs.

Uploading Configuration to Arundo Fabric

You can upload details about the current Arundo Edge configuration to Arundo Fabric.


You must complete this action before you can:

  • Use the Edge Manager in Arundo Fabric
  • Deploy machine learning models to Arundo Edge


  1. Open the System menu and select Upload Configuration to Fabric.

    A message displays to confirm that the file was uploaded successfully.

Unregistering from Arundo Fabric

You can unregister your edge device from Arundo Fabric if you want to stop streaming data there.


When you unregister, data collected from sensors remains on the edge device and is not sent anywhere.


  1. Open the System menu and select Unregister from Fabric.

Last update: March 26, 2020