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Getting Around



Here's how to navigate Arundo Edge.

The sidebar displays on the left side of the screen.



Select the options to open specific screens:

Option Description
Dashboard View the status of interfaces and real-time metrics about Arundo Edge performance.
Interfaces Establish connections to industrial control systems and cloud environments.
Compute Chain Build compute blocks and manage machine learning models.
Deployments View the Docker containers deployed to Arundo Edge.
Viewer View the data sent to and from Arundo Edge.
Logs View the activity log for Arundo Edge.
Settings Configure application and security settings for Arundo Edge.
Help Open the Arundo Edge help center.

Connection Status

The Connection Status indicator displays at the bottom of the sidebar.

Connection Status indicator

Move the mouse over this indicator to display the IP address of the Arundo Edge instance to which you are currently connected.

Connection Status indicator hover

The color of the indicator lets you know whether you are connected successfully (green) or disconnected (red).

License Status

The License Status indicator displays at the bottom of the sidebar.

License Status indicator

The color of the indicator lets you whether your license is active (green) or expired (red). The type of license you are currently using also displays: Full or Trial


Click the License Status indicator to open the License Settings screen. This screen lets you enter a license key to convert a trial version of Arundo Edge into a full version. You can also see the expiration date for your current license.


The Environment indicator displays at the top of the screen. This indicator shows the Arundo Fabric cloud environment to which Arundo Edge is connected.

Environment indicator

System Menu

The System menu displays in the top right corner of the screen. This menu features options to perform system administration tasks or log out.

System menu

Here are the options available:

Option Description
Export Configuration Download a file containing details about the current configuration of Arundo Edge. This file is useful for disaster recovery scenarios, where reinstalling Arundo Edge is required.
Upload Configuration to Fabric Upload details about the current Arundo Edge configuration to Arundo Fabric. You must perform this action before you can manage Arundo Edge remotely from Arundo Fabric.
Unregister from Fabric Unregister the edge device from Arundo Fabric. When you unregister, data collected from sensors remains on the device and is not sent anywhere.
License Notice View the Arundo Edge license agreement.
Logout Log out of Arundo Edge and step back from the edge.

Last update: March 26, 2020