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Compute Chain



The Compute Chain screen is where you can build compute blocks and manage machine learning models deployed from Arundo Fabric.

Compute Chain screen

Getting There

Select Compute Chain on the sidebar.

Item List

The Item list displays details for the compute blocks and models currently in use.


  • Compute blocks display with a numbered list symbol
  • Models display with a cube symbol

Item list


The following information displays for each item:

Field Description
Name Name of the compute block/model
Input Input tags for the compute block/model
Output Output tags for the compute block/model
Interval Interval at which data is sent through the compute block/model
Status Current operational status of the compute block/model

The following actions are available for each item listed:

Action Description
+ Reveal additional details about the compute block/model
Edit Update the compute block/model
Remove Delete the compute block/model

Step-by-Step Guides

Read the following guides for instructions on how to use compute blocks and models.

Last update: March 26, 2020